URSUS has emerged from Zadar (italian area) 30.Jan 1940, transporting armed pontoon, which should be transported to Albania. In the morning 30.Jan passing the north-east coast of island Vis, 1-2 miles from Ursus British navy appeared and started shooting toward the Ursus. It shooted transport ship and engine. Huge fire came up, which has overtaken a cargo of ship, which included a grenades for pontoon. Ship crew saved one rescue boat and boarded wounded people.

In a meantime crew of pontoon started shooting toward the submarine, and after that submarine dissapear.

  • Type Tugboat
  • Cause Sunken by a British submarine
  • Affiliation Italy
  • Sunk 13th January 1941
  • Dimension L-35m, W-5m
  • Depth 45m-60m