B-17 Flying Fortress


The all-new, shiny bomber Boeing B-17G serial number 44-6630 arrived at the base of Amendola Italy 3rd November 1944. The next day Right-side shooter Sieling flew as a crew member for the one and a half hour flight in the airport zone, to try out the new plane. When Sieling viewed the next task list, he noticed that the same crew where assigned for the combat flight for 6th November 1944. The plane was so new that in addition to the U.S. national insignia symbols of the Group and Squadron to which he belonged had also been painted on the hull. The task that awaited them on the 6th was the November bombing of Vienna.

MODEL: Boeing B-17G, No. 44-6630 NATIONAL ORIGIN: United States, 340 Bomb Squadron, 97th Bomb Group. LOCATION: Island of Vis - Cape Polivalo. DIFFICULTY LOCATING: The location is near the coast (about 150 m), but without the aid of instruments (GPS) positions are hard to find.

  • Type Heavy Bomber
  • Cause Air defence weapons
  • Affiliation United States

  • Sunk 6th November 1944
  • Dimension L-22,6m, W-31,6 m
  • Depth 65m-72m