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  About Issa Diving Center

ISSA Diving Center operates in the beautiful fishing village of Komiza, on southwestern side of the island of Vis. The diving center is located in the very heart of Komiza, on a lovely pebble beach in front of the Bisevo Hotel. ISSA Diving Center launched its business in 1996 as the first and only diving center on the Island of Vis.

ISSA Diving Center offers all types of diving services: TDI and SDI program courses and diving trips, wreck and cave diving, wall diving, night diving, completely supported technical diving, all diving gases and gas mixtures (air, oxygen, Nitrox and Trimix).

ISSA Diving Center is equipped with modern diving equipment of highest quality and uses two compressors, L&W 450 L silent and BAUER 320 L silent, with total capacity of 770 l/min. The diving center has at its disposal 40 15-liter cylinders, five 2x12-liter twin cylinders and 10 11-liter stage bottles. An MPS mixer is available for preparing Nitrox and Trimix mixtures. The diving center has two 10-meter diving vessels and a 6-meter boat and can service up to 35 divers per diving session.

Experienced and trained personnel of four diving instructors and three dive masters take care of divers and their safety in planning and execution of diving.

ISSA Diving Center offers its clients good hotel or apartment accommodation in close proximity to the diving center.

Each year the diving season at ISSA Diving Center starts on 1 April and ends on 1 December. Outside the diving season, diving depends on the interest of clients and can be arranged accordingly.


About Komiza

This small town is considered among the most beautifull adriatic treasures. This is for certain, one of the most romantic, most authentic and most ambiental places, that those in search of dreams can ever meet, although along the coast of Adriatic sea, there are towns and cities that feature more monuments, more islands in front of the harbour, with more ferries sailing in, with deeper and more secure bays.

However, I do not know of the town that is more sensefull, glorified, and so nice upon the first look and meeting. All of Dalmatia, sailors and captains, islands and rivas, boats and ships, salty fish and olive oil, onions and swisscard, barrels and basements, tools and donkeys, traditional stone houses, narrow streets of stone, churches, chappels and forts, hardworkers, grandfathers and grandmothers, fishermen and poets, lobsters and shrimps, sea men and centuries, settled here and framed this town in one place, in one moment connected with time and immortality. Here, on the southwest part of the island, it is the end of Earth. And there is nothing beyond, just sea and rare islands in the distance. Great, distant and deadfull sea.Fishermen of Komiza sailed all the way to Palgruza, untill the end of Croatian Adriatic, to Jabuka, lost stone head in the middle of sea blue, not knowing if they are going to come back alive. The voice of their skills is carried around by waves and legends around the world. Boat called Falkusa was born here, featuring all of the knowledge and winsdom that has been collecting for generations.In Komiza you eat tastefully. While we enjoy sea in some shadow, with song of waves in our ears, with salt on our cheeks and colourfull gifts on our plate, old and glorified Komiza opens its lap, charmfull and dreamy alike Dalmatian soul is. Who ever comes to Komiza, comes back again and again !!!














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