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There are several caves on island Bisevo where according to old fishermen's evidence there lived a number of monk seals. They used to call this animal the "sea-man" in their dialect - morski covik In the past fishermen persecuted monk seals because they tore their nets and scared the fish. The cave called Monk Seal's Cave is the biggest among them located immediately behind the cape Biskup towards the bay of Baluni.

Today it is probably impossible to meet this kind of sea animal any more, though some fishermen don't think so. The entrance to the cave is visible from the sea rising 17m above the sea level. The cave is 160m long while the entrance is only 5-6m wide. You may enter the cave in a small dinghy. The cave becomes narrower after 50 m. There you come to a passage turning to the right. A rock in the middle of the cave will prevent you to continue going by boat. You will need a lamp to see in the darkness. Here you will start swimming and diving. As the bottom of the cave is bare stone there isn't much of the marine life. In the fissures you can see sponges, shrimps and algae. You will find your way to the exit attracted by the bright blue colour of the sea illuminated by sunshine. At that level you will see shoals of fish.

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