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DEPTH: 0m to 4m
Visibility: 25-30 m

Green cave is situated on the island Ravnik, on south side of island Vis. You can enter the cave with the small boat, by swimming or diving. The cave is characterized by the fissure on the top through which a light passes and leaves marks in the sea. The cave is spacious, and the depth varries from 3 to 5 meters.
This cave is located on the south-eastern coast of the small islet of RAVNIK, very close to Rukavac, a beautiful holiday resort, and the third largest place on the island of VIS.

Located at the western cape of the islet of Ravnik, this marvellous cave is easily accessible by all kinds of small boats even by a dinghy.
The huge entrance allows the small boats to enter the spacious cave, about 3-5m deep.

In the ceiling of the cave there is a big hole allowing sunrays to penetrate into the cave at high noon creating special light effects in all shades of silver and green colours.

In the vicinity there are a few smaller caverns, all of them very popular with divers. The islet is covered by small bushes of macchia, the cape over the cave is completely bare, washed out by strong waves during winter. The marine life is rich with fish, octopus, sepia, cuttle-fish and submarine flora.

Rukavac is a small and peaceful holiday resort on the south-eastern coast of the island of Vis, located on a small peninsula between two picturesque bays, about 10km distant from the town of Vis. This outstanding place, quiet and agreeable with a small pier, numerous natural beaches, off-shore islets and rocks was originally a fishermen's village. The sea is crystal clear; paths are leading among fragrant bushes of Mediterranean aromatic plants and green pine trees. There is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic - The Srebrena Beach (The Silver Beach).

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