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  Wreck TETI

Ship TETI was an old ship, which changed 6 owners till his sinking. It belonged to an Italian company from Ravenne. It's built in 1883 in America and traveled a thousands of nautical miles. Ship has sunken in 23.May 1930 on the cliffs of the cape Mali Barjak in a near by Komiza, probably because wrong judge of distance from the coast, brought by an experience crew. A Teti crew was saved by Komiza's fisherman. After agrounding on the cliffs of Mali Barjak, it wasn't possible to get a ship back in the water, so it was standing agrounded for long time, and then it has been destroyed by winter storms, so it has disappear under the surface forever.

TYPE: Cargo steamboat
SUNK : 23.5.1930.g.
DIMENSION: L-72m, W-8m
DEPTH: 10-34m

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